Of course, wedding day happens to be a compilation of priceless and memorable moments and every wedding couple wants it to be captured in the best way possible, as it is something worth to be treasured. Hence getting the right photographer is one of the crucial tasks while you make arrangements for the wedding day. Are you looking for the latest trends in wedding photography Singapore? Well, you have reached the right place. We have gathered a few of information about wedding photography in Singapore, only to help you out in selecting the right photographer for your big day.

Traditional vs Modern in Wedding Photography Singapore

Traditional photography was just limited to actual wedding day photography alone, taking maximum pictures of bride and groom along with kith and kin only to make a wedding portrait album. But these days wedding photography has more to offer, which starts from pre-wedding photography and goes till post wedding journeys as well.

Is pre-wedding photography needed?

A browsing session will give you enough information about the latest trends happening in Singapore pre-wedding photography. If you are confused whether you really need pre-wedding session, here is our piece of advice. It gives you a chance to get comfortable with the photographer as well as the camera, before the actual wedding day. Moreover, pre-wedding photography session will help you to capture some of the best images with your partner, and thereby you can prepare a memorable album to be showcased to your friends and family.

Modern day photography

In modern day wedding photography Singapore, the wedding album includes more candid and unposed images of the bride and groom. Presently, photographers are using their skills creatively and aim to give you unique snaps to treasure forever. These days wedding photographers look for candid images which are aesthetically appealing and artistically brilliant. Also, images are captured in naturally mind-blowing locations to add beauty and elegance to your wedding album.

Photojournalistic wedding photography is much preferred these days for the actual wedding day. If you have noticed how photojournalists capture images for the press in the most candid way, the same way wedding photographers will click the most candid images on your wedding day and bring out their own style and characteristics.

Get in touch with us as we can be your perfect photographer to capture every single moment for your wedding and make a stunningly beautiful album of your wedding.

Wedding Photography Singapore 01

Before the wedding gate crashing game, the bridesmaids were trying out with the funny props.


Wedding Photography Singapore 02

Wei Long, the groom was trying to choose the correct lipstick marks from the paper, lying on top of the groomsmen while they were doing push up.


Wedding Photography Singapore 03

Candid moments of bridesmaids when one of the groomsmen was being “tortured”.


Wedding Photography Singapore 04

“Please do not kiss me after drinking the special drinks from the gate crashing game!”

Again, look at the bridal party expressions!


Wedding Photography Singapore 05

Private moment for wedding couple during the actual wedding day photography.


Wedding Photography Singapore 06

Bouquet throwing tradition.


Wedding Photography Singapore 07

Mother was encouraging the flower girl before the 1st march in for the wedding banquet.


Wedding Photography Singapore 08

Fun moment for the wedding guests while the wedding couple were giving their thank you speech.