During weddings (and its lead-up), most of the attention is placed on the bride. Sometimes, it is to the point that the presence of the groom is virtually marginalized. However, for the best wedding experience, it is important that the groom is not forgotten. After all, he is still a huge part of the wedding itself! In our experience in wedding photography in Singapore, we know how important it is to keep the man involved. Here is a guide on how to bring out your best as a groom.


  1. Get a snappy outfit – While most people are interested with wedding gowns, the outfit of the groom should never be overlooked. While it is commonly not as personalized as the bride’s gown, the groom’s outfit should be well-thought of as well. The entire outfit should perfectly fit the theme of the wedding. At the same time, it should make the groom look great, regardless if it’s in the event itself or in the photos.


  1. Makeup is not just for the ladies – It’s a common misconception for most dudes that they won’t benefit from makeup. It’s a fact that makeup can actually enhance the looks of the groom, just like how it can magically improve the looks of the bride. Hooking up with a capable makeup artist can help bring the best out of any man’s face. Trust us on that one. Our experience in Singapore pre-wedding photography tells us so.


  1. Work with your photography team – When we do overseas pre-wedding photography, we always do our best to earn the trust of our clients. One reason why we do it is because it helps us get the best photos for their wedding album. We are more than willing to help you and your bride to get the best shots for both your pre-wedding shoot and your wedding day.


  1. Walk with confidence and joy – The best way to enhance your looks in your wedding day and beyond is to walk with both confidence and joy. Don’t let the cameras, the crowd, and everything else distract you from your wedding day. It is supposed to be a celebration. Keep things natural and candid. Don’t be afraid to show the world how happy you are. It will make you look infinitely more attractive in both the photos and the event itself.


Our actual wedding day photography services is willing to go the extra mile to bring out your best as a groom.