People are willing to go great lengths to make their weddings the best. After all, for most people, this is a once in a lifetime experience. Because of all the preparations that need to be done, it would be just fair to look great during the wedding, both in photos and in the event itself. As experts in actual wedding day photography, we have virtually seen it all. Based on our experience, here are some tips that we can share on how you can be a gorgeous bride on your wedding day.

  1. Get the outfit right – This is something we always say to our clients when we do Singapore pre-wedding photography. You should do your fitting of garments as close to the wedding day as possible. Due to different reasons, you can either lose or gain weight during the lead up to the wedding. A properly fitting gown not only helps you stay comfortable, but it also brings out the best in your gown’s design.
  1. Work together with your makeup team – Whether we do local or overseas pre-wedding photography, we always tell our clients that they should work with us to get the best pictures. We are sharing this same exact tip for their makeup artists. These people are professionals and have been doing this thing for years. If there is anyone who knows how to enhance your natural beauty, it would be them. Work closely with them and be at your most gorgeous at your wedding day.
  1. Keep things natural – They say that the more natural your facial expressions are, the more beautiful you become. It is important that you keep things natural during your wedding day. It may be difficult at first because of all the attention and picture taking going on, but it is doable. What you need to do is to focus at the moment and enjoy your wedding. If you are enjoying your special day, it will show in your face!
  1. Always smile! – This is one last tip we would share as experts in wedding photography in Singapore. Any woman is at their most beautiful when they smile! Express your joy and gratitude during one of the best days of your life and you will look like the most gorgeous bride on the planet. Not only would you captivate your audience even further, but you will also look great in photos. It’s definitely a win-win scenario!