Laughter, fun, sadness, excitement, sharing, caring, surprise… lots of intense emotions make the wedding day beautiful and memorable. Wedding day is one of the most auspicious days in anyone’s life. More than that, it’s the day of mixed emotions in which wedding photographers are always on search for.


Indeed it is the emotion that gives life to the picture, and it often reflects in the albums of wedding photography Singapore. If you go through contemporary wedding albums, you could find the enthusiasm of photographers in capturing candid clicks which is predominant in actual wedding day photography.


The emotions related the wedding day starts in the planning phase itself which extends into Singapore pre-wedding photography to the actual wedding day. The planning phase in itself is a challenge. Selecting the costumes to accessories, fixing the location to menu for the party, inviting friends to buying return gift, wedding planning is a stressful and joyful experience simultaneously.


The nervousness of the couple or even a sudden emotional outburst is captured as one of the most touching picture in most of wedding albums. To capture the excitement shared between the couples before embarking on a new life sometimes creates an emotional outflow in the guests as well as the parents of the bride and groom.


The bride herself goes through different emotions on the wedding ranging from surprises to nervousness. Sorrow might show its presence on the bride’s side as she is moving to a new life, but yes happiness obviously outweighs it. Moreover, there are instances where the bride or the groom suddenly gets into tears in memory of a dear family member on the wedding day.

Definitely, wedding day is a profusion of countless emotions giving the photographer an opportunity to explore his creativity skills!