While most people won’t think of it as the quintessential wedding outfit for brides, the Qipao is fast becoming a very popular outfit for brides everywhere. In our years of experience in Singapore pre-wedding photography, we have seen the fast rise in popularity for this traditional yet very feminine Chinese dress. Here are some tips we can share if you plan to wear a Chinese traditional wedding Qipao for your big day.


When we do wedding photography in Singapore, we let our clients have a free reign in choosing their outfit. However, from time to time, they would ask us for advice on how they can make their outfit work for photo opportunities and beyond. Based on our experience and tips from the experts, here are some tips we can share to our prospective clients.


  1. Colour – While there are no limits when it comes to style (more on this later), during formal events such as weddings, there are some unwritten rules in wearing this traditional garment. While no one will stop you from wearing any colour you like, brides will traditionally wear red for their wedding day. Conversely, guests are generally dissuaded from wearing red garments during the wedding, as it’s traditionally reserved for the bride.


  1. Quality – You would want to get the best-quality Qipao for the occasion. A poorly chosen dress will rear its ugly head during the wedding. We have seen so many wedding shots that could have been made better if they have selected the best quality garments for their big day. Whether made from cotton or linen, check the fabric quality for your dress. Also, the collar, slits, piping, and other details should never be too overwhelming. The focus should still be on the bride, not on the dress.


  1. Fit – One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Qipao is how it fits. Its slim fit will make the bride’s feminine body form stand out. When fitting your traditional Chinese dress, we would recommend that you do it as close to your wedding day as possible. The fit of the dress, combined with the non-flexible nature of the fabrics used, means there’s not much room for weight fluctuations. Lose or gain a few pounds, and you may screw up the fit.


When having a traditional Chinese wedding, it would be great to dress up according to the occasion. Based on our experience in actual wedding day photography, these tips will come in handy as your wedding day comes closer.