As our wedding day gets closer, we would want to be in our sharpest look. To ensure this, here are some of the things you should avoid doing before your wedding day. In our years of experience in wedding photography in Singapore, we can testify that avoiding these eight will ensure a more smooth-sailing and successful wedding ceremony and celebration.

  1. Forgetting to drink water – Never forget to drink enough water during the lead-up to your wedding day. Keep your water intake to at least 8 glasses a day to clear out toxins and make your skin glow naturally on your wedding day.
  1. Eating too much salty foods – This is another thing you should avoid doing prior to the big day. Note that salt is one of your biggest enemies as you get closer to your wedding day. Eating excessive salt and salty foods will cause your body to retain water, which can trigger weight gain.
  1. Stressing yourself out – We always tell this to our Singapore pre-wedding photography and overseas pre-wedding photography clients. Preparing for your wedding is stressful, but it should not get the better of you. Excessive stress will make you look worn out, and you certainly won’t like to display that look on your wedding day. If possible, seek the aid of the people around during the planning and preparation to lessen the stress.
  1. Working out excessively – Some women would want to work out in the days and weeks leading up to their wedding. While exercise is not bad by itself, doing it excessively can put additional pressure and strain to your body. Instead of making you look good, it can make you look worn out and stressed. There is even a chance that you’ll get sick from the rigorous workout you’re doing. That’s something you need to avoid when your wedding is drawing near.
  1. Tanning days before the wedding – This is one thing we highly discourage our clients from doing. Tanning can cause uneven skin tone, messing up the actual wedding day photography shots. Tanning will also make you look unnatural, a no-no during events like weddings.
  1. Doing certain beauty routines – There are certain beauty routines that you should never do while your wedding day is coming close. Avoid waxing, facials, hair colour, or drastic haircuts days before your wedding. You just might regret it.
  1. Going for DIY – While doing things related to your wedding on your own, without the aid of professionals – ex. sewing your own dress, designing your own invitations, or baking your own wedding cake – it’s not advisable if what it only does to you is let you deal with extreme stress. Seek professional help, or you might just end up ruining everything because of your extremely busy schedule.
  1. Forgetting touch up – It may seem like a hassle at the heat of the moment, but occasional retouches will come in handy. In our experience, we always advise our bride clients to bring their touch-up kits. Trust us, you won’t regret it!