Wedding is a unique moment in anyone’s life, a day to be dressed with the best possible attires, the event that has to be treasured all through the life. Everything you choose to wear on the big day needs to be unique, vibrant and special, be it bouquet, a hair clip, or shoes. If you are looking for unique bouquet ideas for the bride and bridesmaids, here goes a few awesome choices handpicked from wedding photography Singapore.

Wedding Photography Singapore

Bags or bouquets

If you are someone ready to try out innovative and creative styles, this makes an incredible choice. Forget about conventional bride bouquets; instead create a unique flower-embellished bag in place of the bouquet to gift yourself a memorable look. It gives a unique look in the actual wedding day photography as well.

Wedding Photography Singapore


No necklace, but bouquets

Yes, a long necklace with a heavy locket made of flowers would give you inimitable look on the wedding day. Even brides use light flower necklace to look exceptionally unique in the Singapore pre-wedding photography. Flower bouquets make an amazing alternative to traditional bouquet.


Brooch for bouquet

Brooch would give a vintage touch to your attire. What if you are combining brooch and bouquet? It will surely gift you awesomely unique look on your wedding day. It will be a glamorous replacement for the traditional bouquet. Try out if you wanna blend vintage with modern trend.

Wedding Photography Singapore

Corsages also

Flower bracelets or corsages are not that innovative, yet attractive and unique. You need not have to bother about carrying the bouquet in your hands. Instead it will be on your wrist but giving the feel of the bouquet.