Indian weddings are spectacular, indeed. No wonder when foreigners refer it often as ‘the great Indian wedding.’ It is full of colours and shimmers. It will include delicious dishes which is obviously a delight for the tongue and mind. It will be of full fun with endless music and dance. It will be an occasion of unique customs and culture which has been followed through centuries. Indian weddings stand unique in wedding photography Singapore.

There are many things which makes Indian wedding unique and a difference experience for foreigners. Here we talk about three unique things that are common in every Indian wedding.

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The grandeur of attire

If you have ever gone through the actual wedding day photography of Indians in Singapore, you might easily relate to the myriad of colours in the images. Normally Indians prefer to wear bright coloured attires, mainly sarees or lehenga cholis, which will be decorated with stones, golden bead works, pearls, embroideries etc which would catch the attention of eyes.

When it comes to Indian wedding dresses, there is no limit to extravagance and grandeur. Even in Singapore pre-wedding photography, Indian brides prefer vibrant colour combinations with gold embellished designs.

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Dazzling of Jewellery

Next to attire is the luxury of accessories and jewelleries which make Indian wedding a treat to the eyes. Mostly Indians prefer wearing gold ornaments. The bride will stand out with her numerous bridal ornaments while the guests and relatives also wear rich jewelleries. The dazzling of the metals with the rich outfits and flower garlands are certainly unique elements of Indian wedding.

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Incessant dance

There is no full stop for dance and music in Indian wedding. Guests as well the hosts of the wedding would come forward to tap their feet to the dhol music of India. It is yet another factor that makes Indian weddings a unique experience for the guests.

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