Timeline Photography values its clients and that’s why we put great emphasis on their feedback. We always listen to their concerns and accept any criticism and suggestions. Our team believes in transparency and honest communication. We want to remember every couple that we’ve worked it and that’s why we have set up this section. Here are some of the messages that we’ve received over the time from newlywed couples. It warms our heart every time we read them.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The entire shooting experience with Alan from Timeline Photography was indeed a very pleasant one. He is focused on the shots and is clear with his photography direction. On top of that, he is really fast at his job as well – shooting for a few hours and we covered six to seven different shots at various locations. Editing was done within a few days and the shots looked amazing despite us (the bridegroom) sweating in the humid weather through the shoot. The outcome from the shoot looked effortless, not overly photoshopped, and classic. Alan is highly recommended for his brilliant services!

Andrea & Chris

Pre Wedding and Actual Day photography

We are very comfortable and at ease with Alan’s friendliness throughout our pre-wedding and actual day photo shoot. He displays his utmost professionalism and creativity by taking the best angle shots and natural moments of us.
The wedding photo book that Alan made for us is very beautiful and it attracted many people from the neighboring wedding lunch to walk over and view our book..
Alan’s photography rates is better as compared to others.
What touches us most is the “heart” that Alan puts into his work and it shows from the photographs that he has taken.
We look forward to work with Alan on any future projects again and would definitely recommend his services to our friends.

All the best, Alan and keep up the great work!

Sean & Diana

Excellent Wedding Photography!!!

– Excellent and Comprehensive End to End Customer Service and Professional Advice!
– Gorgeous and Creative Pre-wedding Photos that amaze both me and Tina and most importantly our parents!
– Superb Photography Skills!
– Friendly, Reliable, Personal and Extremely Easy to work with!
– Superb Value for Money!
– Fast Turnaround Time!
– Impressive Montage, Albums and Photo Frame that delighted both me and Tina!

Highly recommended for newly weds to consider Alan as both their pre-wedding and actual day photographer. Extremely satisfied with his professional service.

Lester & Tina

Unforgettable Actual Wedding Shoot

Alan is professional and full of photoshoot idea. The idea and knowledge of Mother Nature is what we want for our outdoor shoot on our actual day. He understand what we want and present in the photo which will make my Wife and me remember for forever.

Alan is patient and willing to listen to us when we first meet up. After listen to our idea he will guide us and show us how his idea will meet our requirement.
On actual day he constantly keep remind us to relax and making sure we will put our best in the photos.
He also making my guests feel like Friend and while taking photos everyone is happy.

His service and photography skill is excellent! Because of that I also ask for his service for corporate photography for my boss company.

They saw the photos once and my boss agree no need for touch up the photos because the shoot is excellent and perfect!

Jonathan & Sharon

Cost and quality are both important criteria when choosing our actual day photographer. We were glad that we chose Alan Wong’s service.

He is a responsible person and is willing to accommodate to all our requests. Our wedding lunch ended early and we went around Orchard area for photoshoot. It was a fun experience as he would be creative in our poses for the photoshoot.

He is very quick in submitting his work to us after the wedding. The photos were beautifully taken for both the wedding lunch and the photoshoot. We were satisfied with his service and would highly recommend him to others.

Alan & Sok Fong

Energetic And Enthusiastic Photographer

Always comes 10 minutes before stated time, makes it a point to find out what is expected of him and is transparent about what he can deliver.

On the job, Alan is enthusiastic and energetic and from the pictures he have taken, one would know that his photography skills are of a high calibre and he certainly knows what he is doing.

Highly recommended for his patience and professionalism 🙂

Bala & Lavania


Alan did a great job photographing our wedding!

Before engaging Alan, we had a short meet up with him when he explained his style of photography to ensure he would be a good match for us.

Before the wedding, he was also enthusiastic about preparation and even came to the rehearsal to better understand the programme and the wedding venue. He also advised how we should walk and where we should walk for the best pictures.

Throughout the actual day, he was very upbeat and pleasant, making us laugh and taking very natural pictures. This was no mean feat as our schedule was tight and lasted about 12 hours.

We were very happy to have engaged Alan and could highly recommend him!

Wei Da & Amanda

Alan was professional in carrying out his duties, offering guidance and suggestions throughout to make the whole process seamless for us. He was also efficient in processing the photos for our viewing – we were glad to be able to view the photos just one week after the wedding ceremony.
Melvin & Charis

We did not shop around for a photographer. Met Alan at a church friend’s wedding and arranged to review his portfolio, discuss rates, and procedure.
There was immediate rapport with Alan. We wanted simplicity and no-fuss elegance; he understood our needs and delivered.

We are very very pleased with Alan’s professionalism and service.
He never forgets the bridal couple is his focus – whenever we are taking a portrait, he is concerned about how we come across (if anything is out of place, he will gently alert it to us).
Alan was also very thoughtful of our wedding guests who were keen to take their own photos – he even helped them take photos using their cellphones!
During the pre-wedding photoshoot and the two wedding parties, Alan was patient and attentive. My family members have commented on how thoughtful he is of guests and of us.
We wish we know many others getting married so we can recommend Alan to them!

** one negative – neither bride nor groom have Facebook accounts so sharing photos online is not as convenient (no, we are not planning to sign up with Facebook just for this ☺)

Jonathan & Lydia

A friendly and easy-going photographer who is adaptable to changes. Very good in making people feel comfortable. Professional and timely in capturing the essence of all these special moments and brought back fond memories for us. A big thank you to Alan and we would definitely recommend our friends to you.
Ming Jie & Zhi Ning

Alan had done a tremendous and wonderful job as our photographer for our wedding day. He is patient, pro-active and meticulous, reminding us about little things which we had overlooked. We are very grateful to have him and are thankful for all the lovely pictures taken on our important day.
Benjamin & Wee Lin

We found out of Timeline Photography from Google. One we have a budget that we had to work on, secondly we were quite impressed with the photos that we saw from the website.
We went ahead and we met up with Alan and decided on the spot to engage him on our wedding day. We think we had gave him a shock because we gave him a ‘YES’, before he showed us any of his portfolio. He insisted we must see first. For that as an impression, we felt that he is someone who knows his stuff.

We particularly like his shots of the past weddings he did. As the bride, I was very excited to see all the close shots and the candid shot of moments that happened on the wedding day. I was also able to communicate to Alan some ideas of the morning shots on the wedding day. He is an attentive photographer and he does let us know his opinion making the photos look more real and better. He also reminded on what are the stuff that we need to look after for before the wedding, for instance, the bride and groom to have more beauty sleep and any arrangement with the photo taking on the family portrait (during the tea ceremony).

As the bride, I like all the moments being capture in Alan’s lens of all the beautiful and candid moments. The photos are like helping us in replaying on the actual wedding day. I guess if there is one thing I hope to it could have been, will be him dragging us out and take more photos of us and our immediate family members. Then again, the actual day is always fast and furious.

Concluding in our feedback of Timeline Photography, we are very pleased with the outcome and all the photos that were delivered. We had a fun photographer to have with which help us less tense. We look forward to see more of Timeline Photography products. Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH ALAN. IT WAS GREAT KNOWING YOU.

Andy & Jasmine Lim

Melly and I would like to say that Alan did a wonderful job as our photographer for the ceremony and the wedding dinner. He went beyond his duty even provided us a photo montage. We liked his confidence, passion, and drive to create a wonderful shot for us. We truly appreciate these. In fact, the best pictures we had for that day came from him. We are truly honored to have him as our photographer and we are looking forward to see more great works from him.
Derek & Melly

Alan is very friendly and professional. He always asks us what we want and what we need. He produced very beautiful photos. He knows the great views and best angles. He always comes on time specially on our wedding day.
Karl & Sarah

Alan was great to have around on our wedding day! He’s very good with people and showed up early to make sure he captured everything. His attention to detail (e.g. people’s ties/coats being crooked) was incredible and his experience with weddings was helpful at certain moments when we weren’t sure what to do (e.g. some parts of the tea ceremony).
Even after a full day of shooting, he was still smiley and friendly to everyone up to the end of the dinner which was great for the mood of people in the photos.
We also really appreciated his taking pictures of other things (invitation/rings/etc) beforehand as part of his service.
Sicheng Su & Clarissa Lin

Wedding is once in a lifetime and engaging of photographer is as important as selecting a good banquet to serve your guest.
Timeline photography through the internet with the intention for a more budget photography instead of those from studios. The hope for the photo wasn’t great until me and my wife saw the photography works from Alan at his studio. We had almost immediately agreed on selecting him as our photographer. We did on the next day though with the considerations of reasonable price and quality photos.

Alan and his videography partner was on time for the meeting and the actual day and they are well-versed on the ceremony process. They presented professionalism in their work and lastly, the products they delivered will make you think that they are worth the money spent.

Good Job.Even after a full day of shooting, he was still smiley and friendly to everyone up to the end of the dinner which was great for the mood of people in the photos.
We also really appreciated his taking pictures of other things (invitation/rings/etc) beforehand as part of his service.

Dave & Hazel

Thank you very much for the lovely photos and video, and the somewhat impromptu mini shoot while we waited to be let back into the ballroom during the banquet. Your presence and our interaction with you were definitely part of what made our wedding day so memorable.

We loved the fact that some of the photos had a different and creative/artistic style. We were also very impressed with the video highlights and of you taking the initiative to get our friends and family to leave a message on camera for us. Thank you as well for capturing the funny moments on video so we could have a laugh again when we watched and recalled.

We would definitely recommend Timeline to anyone we know planning a wedding in Singapore. We need more wedding photographers and videographers like you in NZ! 🙂

Garth & Antonia Sullivan

Alan was truly a delight to work with. He was professional, patient and fair on pricing. He stood out for his candid shots as well as his eye for capturing certain poignant moments unbeknownst to those being photographed. His follow up service was also reliable and I wouldn’t hesitate to engage his services again, which I already have!!
Kenneth & Jenny

It was pleasantly nice to work with Alan. He was very calm and experience. So during my wedding preparation, me and my partner was extremely stressed. But we didn’t have to worry about the photo side. And most importantly, I trusted he would take good photos so I didn’t worry about that. And they did come out nicely. Alan catches great moments nicely with great sense of composition and color matching. Thank you ☺
Vicky Choi

We were worried about the pre-wedding photoshoot as we were felt uncomfortable and unnatural being in the limelight. Alan, our photographer and Janice, our makeup artist managed to make the photoshoot fun and enjoyable. This quickly allayed all our fears and made the phototaking comfortable. Alan managed to help us capture our love for nature within the photos and the photos turned out beautiful.

His calm and friendly demeanour during the actual day photoshoot was also greatly appreciated as he made the atmosphere more personal and warm by speaking in dialect to the elders in our families. Alan’s presence during the banquet is not intrusive and his photos captured the emotions and spontaneous reactions that some of our family and guests had which we missed during the event, so it was really wonderful to see them capture in photos. In summary, you do not have to worry unneccessary as your wedding memories are in Alan’s safe hands.

Zuze & Weiting