Maybe you have memories of browsing through your parents’ old photo albums, stumbling upon a collection of their actual wedding day photography. Maybe you’ve seen that stunning photograph of your mother, decades younger, beautiful and glowing in her white gown and bouquet of roses. Maybe you’ve smiled at the sight of your bright-eyed father, gazing proudly at her as if there was nothing quite as precious.

Maybe, as you behold their happiness, both in photographs and even now, you’ve thought to yourself that you’d like to make memories like this too, someday.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Joys

A wedding is the promise of a lifetime: through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. But despite all the memories that a marriage will inevitably bring through the years, there’s nothing quite like looking at that point in time where the promise was made, all hope and joy captured and preserved in photographs.

It’s easy to overlook the value of good wedding photography in Singapore, especially in modern times, when keeping memories is as simple as a selfie and an Instagram filter. It’s a shame, considering that fine art wedding photography offers quality and beauty never before seen in the past.

Wedding Photography to Fine Art

Done right, wedding photography Singapore becomes fine art that any happy couple will be proud to hang on their wall for decades to come.

Professional photography has superior resolution and depth of field unrivalled by ordinary cameras. This is crucial in creating stunning prints that can be blown up or shrunken down to any size with minimal loss of quality.

In addition, seeking a professional photographer offers the benefit of both thoughtful direction and a professional hand. Singapore pre-wedding photography, in particular, may look effortless.

In reality, a lot of care is placed into creating a setting that reflects the essence of the relationship, the story behind the love. And a good eye and professional photography skill is necessary in capturing that exact moment where the couple’s happiness is most evident.

The Artist Behind the Canvas

Many of the qualities of a great photograph therefore rely on getting a good wedding photographer. After all, behind any great work of art is a competent artist. But talent and experience aren’t the only things that come into play.

It’s vital to choose someone that’s flexible. You want someone who’s willing to go the extra mile, whether you opt for local or overseas pre-wedding photography. You want someone who is able to conceptualize and direct gorgeous images no matter the location.

With actual wedding photography, you want someone who is the master of fleeting moments.

After all, you want the very best memories of your special day in your heart – and in your photo album as well!

Magazine style fine art wedding photography, under the giant chandelier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

Magazine style fine art wedding photography, under the giant chandelier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore