Oversea Pre-Wedding Photography

Besides pre-wedding photography in Singapore, Timeline Photography also offers oversea pre-wedding photography services. Our photographers are willing to travel to locations like Bali, Australia, Japan, Venice or any part of the world. We just love to go and get inspired by exotic and foreign settings.

Pre-wedding photography is about the bride and the groom. They have a story to tell through imagination and beautifully crafted pictures and we are here to help them understand it. Overseas locations can sometimes be challenging, but we are always up to the task. We use top of the line equipment and we always rely on memory backups so that the pictures taken are safe and sound. We try to avoid having any unpleasant surprises and we never had.

Couples choose overseas pre wedding photography sessions because they are looking for a unique experience, an experience that they can share together, just the two of them. If a wedding involves many other people, like family and friends, a pre-wedding session is just about the future newlyweds. This is an occasion for them to go wild and explore their imagination. Some couples employ various outfits and use different props to channel that fun and quirky part of themselves. In the end, it all boils down to their personality and that’s why we communicate with all couples so we can better understand what they want. We want you to feel happy and remember this particular day for the rest of your life. Choosing to do a pre-wedding session abroad can also be a great occasion to visit a country you have never seen before. Think of it as a little pre-honeymoon. You see a beautiful country and experience its culture and you also get a set of masterfully done photographs of you and your significant other doing lovely and fun things. Choose your own setting: a quiet beach, a picturesque forest, and old castle and even a big and lively city. We are here to make your dreams come true and capture them in photographs.

Contact Timeline Photography to book your oversea pre-wedding photography session. Use the contact form or e-mail us so we can discuss the availability of our photographers. An oversea photo session is always exciting and engaging. We can assure you that you will never forget this experience and it will surpass all of your expectations.