Actual Wedding Day Photography Singapore

Timeline Photography offers actual wedding day photography for couples who want to remember one of the happiest day of their lives. Our goal is to properly document this event for you through beautifully taken photographs that flawlessly capture the magic of the moment. We are one of the best wedding photography services in Singapore and our portfolio speaks for itself.

Photographing a wedding requires the utmost discretion. We want the bride and groom and the guests to not even know that we are there. Doing so, we are able to capture everyone in a more natural settings, free of artificial poses. The beauty of photographing such an event is that you have the privilege of capturing all kinds of emotions.  A wedding is a life changing event and our pictures will show that. Sometimes the small details are the ones that stand out and amaze with their gorgeousness and we make sure that we capture each and every one of them.

A wedding takes a lot of planning, we know, but let us take care of this part so you don’t have to worry about it. Just enjoy your wedding and we will ensure that not a moment is missed. Share the photos with your family and friends and have a memory of this moment forever. Not only you, but also your guests will be pleased to see such excellently crafted photographs of your wedding.

No two wedding are the same. Each wedding is unique and beautiful in its own way and each one has something special that makes it stand out. Capturing that uniqueness is our job. We have seen hundreds of weddings and simply know by now what sets them apart. A wedding photographer is like a movie director who puts the pieces in place so they can make a moving story, but the ones that give it soul, are the characters, in this case, the bride and the groom.

For any more information, use the contact form on our website or e-mail us. We, at Timeline Photography Singapore are more than happy to help you and discuss all the details of your future actual wedding photography session. We aim to give you exactly the pictures that you want and that’s why communicating with the bride and groom is essential. Capturing all the beautiful moments of your wedding and cherishing those memories it’s probably one of the most beautiful things that you can do.