Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore

Derek and Astrid did their actual wedding in Indonesia a week ago before their reception in Singapore. The reception in Singapore was held in Oriental ballroom of Mandarin Oriental Hotel with more than 300 guests.

During our first meet up a few months ago, Derek told me that he likes the storytelling photos by us. He appreciated the expressive and emotional actual wedding day photography.

On the actual wedding day itself, I started off with some bride’s portraits with Astrid. Astrid’s family and Derek join in the photography session later. They had their tea ceremony for relatives in Singapore before the banquet. I ended the session with family photos including all the relatives.

During the banquet, Derek and Astrid showed their Singapore pre-wedding photo slideshow and actual wedding day videography done in Indonesia. It was always a good idea to showcase wedding from other country to the guests because we can really see different wedding traditions and customs.

Tears and laughters of the wedding, these were the photography details that I loved in wedding photography

Wishing Derek and Astrid lots of love and happiness!