Jih Lieh & Lay Yoong’s Wedding Celebration

March 30th, 2016|Actual Wedding Day Photography, Wedding Photography Singapore|

Jih Lieh and Lay Yoong were my ex-colleagues, we shared everything during coffee break or lunch break. I remember Lay [...]

Yong Kang & Shuhui’s Pre-Wedding Photography

March 24th, 2016|Singapore Pre-Wedding Photography|

What’s the feeling of taking pre-wedding photographs for best friends of more than a decade? Yong Kang, Shuhui and I [...]

Kenny & Su Yin’s Wedding Celebration

March 23rd, 2016|Actual Wedding Day Photography|

Marriage, like gardens, flourish when they are tended with care. Both Kenny and Su Yin studied in United Kingdom and [...]

Derek & Melly’s Wedding Celebration

March 21st, 2016|Actual Wedding Day Photography|

Derek is from Philippines and Melly is from Indonesia but they decided to hold their wedding in Singapore. I'm always [...]

Alvin & Jiaming’s Wedding Celebration

March 18th, 2016|Actual Wedding Day Photography|

Jiaming loved our wedding band shots from other clients that were showed to her during our first meet up session [...]

Mohan & Mahes’s Pre-wedding Photography

March 11th, 2016|Singapore Pre-Wedding Photography|

Mohan lives in Australia while Mahes lives in Singapore. They are quick decision maker. They booked me, my make up artist [...]

Alson & Joanne’s Wedding Celebration

March 11th, 2016|Actual Wedding Day Photography, Wedding Photography Singapore|

Joanne approached me a few months ago to discuss their actual wedding day photography. On her actual day, we were [...]